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Favorite Air Fryer Potato Recipes

by Karly

There are so many ways to cook potatoes, but we find the air fryer to be the easiest and turn out some of the best potatoes we’ve ever had! We’ve gathered up over 20 of our favorite recipes for air fryer potatoes!

collage of air fryer potato recipes.

Potatoes are a staple of many meals for many people. It is only natural that we have all found different ways to make potatoes. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding which to way to cook your potatoes and other times it is waiting to dig in that’s the hardest part!

Here we are helping you by exploring many different ways to cook potatoes using your air fryer!

We have hacked all kinds of recipes to mimic baking them, frying them, and improving upon traditional methods of cooking.

Our Favorite Air Fryer:

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We get asked regularly for air fryer recommendations and we’ve taken the job seriously – we’ve tested at least 5 different basket models and a few different oven style air fryers!

The air fryer that we love best and that we find ourselves using again and again in our own home is the Cosori. It cooks fairly quietly, evenly, and quickly. I love that it doesn’t force me to run a pre-heat cycle like some of the other brands do. Plus, they have a little accessories kit that I’ve found super useful!

While you’re shopping, it’s good to keep in mind that if you use non-stick spray in your air fryer, your basket will start to get rusty looking. That spray is damaging to your basket. Instead, you should apply oil with a pump oil spray bottle or brush it on with a pastry brush.

Why we prefer the air fryer over other cooking methods:

  1. It’s easy to get your potatoes crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside because of the way the air fryer cooks.
  2. The potatoes are cooked evenly. The air fryer moves a massive amount of hot air all around inside the basket.
  3. It is faster to use an air fryer versus a full size oven. It doesn’t take nearly as long to heat up!
  4. It saves energy. Whether using electricity or gas, the air fryer is more energy efficient due to its smaller space. You will notice your entire kitchen doesn’t heat up when cooking with it like it does with baking for example.
  5. It is cleaner. One, you have no grease splatter to wipe off your stove. Two, you don’t have oil to dispose of after making those french fries!

Tips & Tricks for Potatoes in the Air Fryer:

As always, you’ll want to potatoes that are similar in size for cooking to allow them to cook at the same rate evenly. If you’re making baked potatoes, choose potatoes are similar in size. If you’re chopping potatoes, cut them evenly. This is a simple way to ensure each bite is perfect!

While most air fryers do cook pretty much the same, some will cook a bit faster or slower than others and some will run a bit hotter or cooler. Get to know your air fryer and adjust the cook times accordingly. If it seems like things are often over done, just start reducing the cook time by a few minutes and checking for doneness early.

Shaking the basket is a technique we use in many recipes, especially when it comes to the air fryer. It’s an easy way to stir everything around so that it cooks evenly. We love how easy it is to pull the basket out, give it a quick shake, and pop it back in to finish cooking! No need to even dirty a spoon to stir things with this method.

Air Fryer Potato Recipes

This list is full of ideas on how to cook most types of potatoes. We have lots of variety and surely something you haven't seen before!

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